Avocado and Macadamia Nut Farm

Boschoek Farm

Georg Roberg purchased the farm in 1926 after emigrating from Germany. He returned to Germany a few years later to find a wife. In 1939 the young family returned to Germany on a family visit. They had taken up British citizenship in South Africa and as a result were forced to remain in their home town of Everswinkel for the duration of World War II. It was 1946 before the family could return to South Africa. †They then had to start the farming operation from scratch.

Originally the farm produced timber with a sawmill powered by a hydroelectric plant on the river. In the late 1950ís the sawmill burnt down. Eucalyptus continued to be the main product produced but citrus and vegetables started to be produced as well. The original farmhouse was built in the early 1930ís. Ron and Inge Lunt (daughter of Georg Roberg) returned to the farm in the 1960. After several years of lemon over-production and poor citrus prices, Ron and Inge started the conversion to avocados, pecan nuts and macadamia nuts. In the 1970ís the main farmhouse was extended to the structure that exists today.